Occupy Wall Street

One Sunday afternoon, I was on my way to Chinatown and decided to see what all the... more

Limerock Vintage Festival

If you know me at all, you know that automobiles are part of my DNA... more

The People of Italy

People have always fascinated me. While in Italy I couldn’t help but capture images of people... more

After the Ball Drops

I have always wanted to be in Times Square early on New Year’s morning... more

Cliff Meets the Prime Minister of England

While visiting Britain, I spent most of my time in London. Everyday I would take a four... more

What the Fans Do After the Game

Did you ever go to a baseball game and instead of watching the game, watch the fans?... more

Rhonda R. Dorsett

Rhonda is unquestionably one of my favorite photographers; her work is breathtaking... more


Cars are one of my many passions, and I am not only referring to super high end sports cars or restored classics... more


One weekend I was driving to Pennsylvania to pick up my son at summer camp... more


When I’m out shooting I often see a story framed through a fence... more