Cliff Meets the Prime Minister of England

So, one day as I was walking into London, I noticed this big ferris wheel. As I got closer to central London, I noticed how ominous it was. Then I turned my head and noticed Big Ben. I guess the Brits take Big Ben for granted like we New Yorkers take the Empire State building for granted. No one could care how cool this was except for me. And that Big Ben really is big! I turned my head again and noticed a protester's buffet. Then I realized that Big Ben is connected to Parliament. (Yeah, I paid attention in History class) As I turned the corner I looked down and I noticed lots of camera gear... ...and lots of photographers Now I understood why there was the Protester's buffet. Check out the protester with the little camcorder I thought he was amusing. The situation started to get more serious and the photogs were receiving phone calls. I decided to move on and cross the driveway in front of Parliament. This Bobby swiftly held up his hand in my face and ordered me to stop. I asked this photog what was up and he told me some politician was going to be driven into Parliament. Sounds like an event I wouldn't want to miss. When the politicians cars started to roll in the photogs had no mercy and took no prisoners. They rushed to the vehicles like the offense of a professional football team. Friends they were, but they made no bones of pushing me out of the way, blocking my view and rushing toward the vehicles. Fortunately, I snapped this little photo. This is David Cameron just minutes before he took office as the Prime Minister of England. I turned my head again and now the protester was multitasking with camcorder and megaphone. This is all so surreal. But wait, it gets better. The photogs had gotten their images and they were uploading their digital gold to the news agencies. I heard more ruckus coming from Prostester village. I turn my attention across the street once again and I'm staring at the xxx protesters! As I moved on to Westminster Abbey, I could only imagine what I would see in the tombs. It was a fun but an odd day in central London.

While visiting Britain, I spent most of my time in London. Everyday I would take a four-mile walk in the center of London starting at my hotel. I would have no planned route, just a general direction. One day I had a unique experience that most tourists don’t get, and, long story short, I bumped into the new Prime Minister of England, literally!